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Ford and Holden car parts are our specialty in our Mornington Peninsula car salvage garage. As an added bonus, we provide you with a car part replacement service which ensures that your parts are fitted correctly and in full working order.

A lot of damage can be done when (a) removing the old parts if you do not have the right tools; (b) or badly fitting / aligning / or balancing new parts (e.g. drive shafts etc.) Also, for your own safety, anything that requires going underneath the car for several minutes can carry many dangers, particularly when done at home.

You are always welcomed to our salvage yard at any time during business hours and we will help you find the part(s) that your vehicle needs in order to run properly. Our employees have received extensive training, so do not hesitate to ask them to locate a part for you if you have trouble finding it. The purpose of our Mornington Car Wrecking yard is to offer high-quality parts at huge savings to the Mornington Peninsula car owners.

We stock new parts / used parts and fully reconditioned parts. The reconditioned parts we have on sale are taken from our salvage yard and restored in perfect working order.


At our full mechanical workshop, we offer a large selection of motor mechanic services.

We offer you the following services:

  • Brake Repairs & Replacement Mornington Peninsula
  • Power Steering Repairs & Replacement Mornington Peninsula
  • Gearbox Replacement / Repairs / Reconditioning
  • Engine Service & Tune; Replacement / Repairs / Reconditioning
  • Radiator Replacement / Repairs / Reconditioning and more…

We are conveniently located in Mornington and service anyone around the Mornington Peninsula or Bayside suburbs. Contact us and come in for a vehicle diagnosis if you are not certain of what could be wrong. With these services under one roof plus the savings on parts, why would you not consider Affordable Auto Salvage first?


  • Basic Servicing and Log Book Servicing
  • General Repairs & Maintenance and more…


Though we primarily operate as an Auto Wrecker business, we also have a full mechanical workshop on site that can service, maintain and repair any issue with fully qualified Motor Mechanics on-site.

When your car is serviced in our Mornington Car Repair Garage, you benefit from years of experience from your locally owned and operated business. Replacement parts are right here for you at huge savings, and if they’re not, our contacts nationally, will assist us in getting the parts for you!

Our customer service is friendly and professional, so give us a call any time your vehicle is in need of repair. We accept EFTPOS, MasterCard and Visa.

Our motor vehicle servicing applies to all kinds of issues, from simple maintenance to the repair of your brakes, suspension or any engine trouble.  No matter the issue you’re currently experiencing with your car, our motor mechanics will diagnose the problem and provide you with details and any solution. Some of our additional services include oil changes, installations of new batteries and a lot more.


In a lot of instances, trying to do it yourself can end up costing your more.

Do you have all the tools that you need? What happens when you start to pull your car apart and you realise that you need to go an buy more tools to get the job?

Finding the right parts. Have it properly REMOVED & INSTALLED all under one roof and you are completely safe. Sadly during our time, we have had many customers who have injured themselves by trying to get under a car and do the job themselves. We provide Mornington Peninsula car owners with everything that they need, under one roof to get you back on the road safely and reliably.

Our on-site mechanics are trained and experienced; so you can be confident that the job will be completed correctly and on time. If you have tried to do it yourself and are stuck, contact us and we will sort out a solution to help you.


You can save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS visiting us first, when you have an engine problem.

Think about it – replacing your engine with a fully reconditioned engine will save you thousands of dollars. Bringing your car to our Mornington Peninsula Garage first, allows us to diagnose if your engine problem is major or minor. There are several sections of your engine. Sometimes the problem can just be the top-end section. Even that, consists of various sections eg. Manifold or Cylinder Head. If you own a Ford or a Holden, we are specialists in those brands – which means that the likelihood of having a reconditioned part ready to go is high.

As we provide you with an on-site fitting service, the convenience not only saves you money but also a lot of time. Get the job done by our qualified mechanics and get back on the road safely and reliably.

Contact our Mornington Garage with any engine issues that you have from: Pinging; to Valve Noises; Mis-Fires; Over-Heating; Powersteering or Air-Conditioning Noises; Oil Over-Consumption; Timing Belt Replacements and more.

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