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We are an Auto Wrecker which has a complete mechanical workshop on site. If you need a part we find it; install it & repair it. All on site….


Affordable Auto Salvage provides you with all-round savings on parts and time, as our Mornington car garage can install / replace your faulty parts, on-site. Whilst you’re here for parts replacement, our mechanics can also provide the Mornington Peninsula with car service and tune-ups.


Located at 70 Watt Rd. in Mornington, our business has been locally owned and operated since 2002. Our experienced staff are on hand to provide knowledgeable advice and assistance to get your car performing at optimum efficiency without spending huge dollars on dealership prices.


We carry a wide range of car parts for many vehicle brands. These parts range from new and used to entirely reconditioned. When you choose us to perform the replacement for you, we will first provide you with a detailed analysis of the job and a quote on what it will cost for parts and labour.


When your car is serviced in our Mornington Car Repair Garage, you benefit from years of experience from your locally owned and operated business. Replacement parts are right here for you at huge savings, and if they’re not, our contacts nationally, will assist us in getting the parts for you!

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